Why Buy Aquarium Plants Online

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Aquarium Plants Online Instead of Your Local Fish Store

Has it ever occur to you that it is frustrating whenever you visit your local fish store or "LFS" for short and that you couldn't find the type of aquarium plants you were looking for? It occurs to me, almost every time and I think I'm not alone, check this out, what other people are saying:

"Best Online Aquarium Plants Store?

I think the title says it all.
I'm looking for some suggestions for places on the net that sell good, affordable, aquarium plants.
Since the pet stores around here don't want to take care of the ones they have and want to sell you nonaquatic.... I think we're gonna have to start getting them online.
So yeah... prefer one that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for s&h and that people have positive experience with.
source: fishlore.com"
Another one...

"Best place to buy aquarium plants online?

As I prepare to make the plunge to a planted tank I have been checking out various places online to buy from. None of my LFS have very good selections + they're pricey. So which places can you all recommend for buying an assortment for a 55 gal. tank?
Source: aquariumadvice.com"
Alright, that's good enough, I think that quite explain the reason why you should start considering buying aquarium plants online. If that's not enough, then dive into my top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Aquarium Plants Online...

1. Wide selection of Aquarium Plants you can find online

Unlike the local fish store, sometimes they carry only limited types of aquarium plants. In most case, they only sell easy growing plants that require minimal care, such as the elodea, which is not the type of plants a planted tank hobbyist is looking for.

2. Plenty of sources you can find to buy aquatic plants online

With the power of internet today, you can pretty search what you are looking for online, and most of the time get what you want. Compared to the offline world, depending on location, sometimes big reputable fish store can be quite out of reach.

3. Fresh and Good quality 

Yes, you can almost obtain fresh and good quality aquarium plants when you buy online. It's about reputation when it comes to the online world. So, if a seller sells poor quality plants, then definitely they will get very poor feedback which will ultimately affect their business.

4. Extremely Cheap! 

Yes again! It is certainly much cheaper to buy aquarium plants online. Depending from who or which online store you buy from, sometimes you can get bundles for the price of one aquarium plant pot sold in the local fish store. I use to look out for this offer when I need a lot of those plants, and certainly too expensive to buy from the shop....shhh, this is a secret, I will talk more about this in another topic

5. Exotic plants that you can never find in the local fish store

I would consider being the first person who started growing glossostigma elatinoides in the town I previously live in. At that time, the planted tank hobby haven't hit my town, and it's the same old type of common plant they sell in the store. It was almost about a year later that after I planted glossostigma that I started seeing some selling in the fish store. So you guessed...I got it online, and it is considered rare at that time.

There you have it, my top 5 reason why you should consider buying aquarium plants online starting today. Once you get the hang of shopping online, you will never want to look at your local fish shop!


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